Item: EK-113
Size: 45ml
Textural efficacy: Moisture、Whitening、Bright
Product Detail

——BB Cream——

   Eklarry masters builded a new high tech silk fine milling process, an innovative high definition cosmetics textile ,lasting silk UV. Starlight proof, spotlight proof ,in a new liquid silk texture. A high resistance make-up that is extremely watery and fresh, giving a semi-mat finish that lasts and lasts. The new coverage effect without coverage feel. Lasting silk UV is conceived for a woman with a contemporary approach to all day lasting weightless color and semi-mat perfection without color weight and feel. Foundation and the reinvention of a unique composition of highly selective ingredients that improve makeup hold yet procure an intense fresh ,watery silk sensation and finish-the new lasting Eklarry touch..Moisturizing: contain rare hyaluronic acid composition, keep skin tender jade-like stone embellish. Slow: contain pure natural hamamelis essence, shrink pores.Whitening: the Arabian gulf sea pearl essence, make skin natural bright Bai Gongrun.Isolation: the SPF35/PA + +, block UVA and UVB radiation. At the same time smoke air pollutants such as isolation. Coverage: modify improve skin redness, pore bulky, the phenomenon such as plaques, juicy make skin natural and healthy luster.Modification: special ceramic pigment factor, can not only reflect light, at the same time to take the initiative to create light, let skin in different environment and Angle are best.